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(Source: athousandwordskatia)

" Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture. "
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I no I don’t have a huge “fanbase” but I thought I should share this to the few that I can. I don’t know if this channel is under the ‘wiki’ umbrella but its still really, really cool!

Bagus sekali!

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Did you know that Kickstarter has a whole section just to help fund the publication of translations? Yeah, me neither.

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Scotolare la tovaglia (scuotere le briciole dalla tovaglia - to shake the crumbs off the tablecloth)

Calare la pasta (mettere giù la pasta nella pentola- start cooking pasta into the water)

Ammaccare un tasto (premere un tasto - To press a button)

Essere di matrimonio (dover partecipare a un matrimonio . Being invited to a wedding);

Buttare voci (gridare- scream);

Fare la cucina (lavare i piatti - washing the dishes);

Stare dentro (Stare in casa - Staying at home)

(Amenta & Castiglione 2003: 295).

A professor and three Tri-Co students recently visited the leaders of a city in Oaxaca, Mexico, to present their Zapotec Talking Dictionary, designed to help revitalize a native language on the verge of disappearing.

Carolyn Anderson ‘14 was nervous about that early-May visit to Tlacolula de Matamoros. She and the rest of the Tri-Co team were proud of their work on the dictionary but unsure of how it would be received. But those nerves vanished as soon as Assistant Professor of Linguistics Brook Lillehaugen displayed the dictionary on her phone.

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